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What should I do with the abnormal noise of the Automatic Washer Extractor

After using the Automatic Washer Extractor for several years, due to mechanical wear, lack of lubricating oil, aging of machine parts, fatigue and deformation of springs, various abnormal vibrations and noises will occur. If it is not repaired in time, it will lead to accelerated wear and even damage to the washing machine parts. In fact, through proper adjustment and simple repairs, vibration and noise can be eliminated or reduced. Below I will analyze for you.

1. In the fully automatic elution machine, the body makes a "bang" sound. At this time, don't be nervous. The failure is mostly caused by collision between the washing tub and the shell, or the ground where the elution machine is placed is uneven or the four feet are not in good contact with the ground. At this time, the center of gravity of the washing machine needs to be adjusted, placed stably, or appropriate pads on the four foot pads.

2. When the full-automatic elution machine is working, the pulsator rotates to make a "gurgle" friction sound. When overhauling, you can put water in it without checking clothes. At this time, if there is still a "gurgling" friction sound when the pulsator rotates, it is caused by friction between the pulsator and the bottom of the washing tub. If the clothes are put in again, the noise will be louder. The cause of the failure may be the loosening of the pulsator screw. The pulsator can now be removed, and a washer of appropriate thickness should be added to the bottom of the shaft to increase the gap between the pulsator and the bottom of the barrel.

3. When the motor rotates, the rotating belt makes a crackling sound. This failure is caused by the slack of the transmission belt. During maintenance, the fastening screws of the motor base can be loosened, and the motor can be rotated away from the pulsator shaft to tighten the transmission belt.

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