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What are the hotel bed linen washing methods?

Many hotels now use white sheets, which looks very stylish and gives people a neat and clean feature. However, it is very troublesome to clean the white sheets. Pay attention to the cleaning method. Today, we will follow the editor to learn about the next year's hotel bed washing methods and hotel bed washing techniques, and hope to help everyone.

What are the hotel bed linen washing methods?

1. The first thing to note is the problem of excessive use of bleach to whiten and disinfect the washing equipment of hotels and hotels. This is very bad. Remember to use the appropriate amount to ensure quality. It is recommended to add 0.95Kg of 1% bleach per 45Kg of clothing to prolong the life of the fabric and improve the washing quality. And after washing, it must be neutralized and cleaned. This can not only increase the service life of bed sheets and quilts, but also make the washing of hotels and hotels more reasonable.
2. The washing equipment of hotels and hotels depends on the pollution degree and fabric of the sheets when washing the sheets. If these are not good, it will affect the washing effect. In general, the mixed sheets should be replaced with new sheets after being washed 150 times with hotel and hotel washing equipment. The life span of pure cotton is shorter. Bed sheets washed by the hotel's washing equipment can be used upside down intentionally, so that the wear will be more uniform, thereby increasing the acceptance of bed sheets to a certain extent. At the same time, it can also save a certain cost to a certain extent. The main thing is to pay attention to the washing of hotels and hotels, so that it is easy to upgrade the service level, and can also guarantee the interests of hotels and hotels.

What are the hotel sheet washing skills?

1. Sometimes I accidentally get the ink on the pen onto the bed sheet quilt, you can use this formula to wash, except for the ballpoint pen oil on the textile, the alkylphenol polyoxyethylene ether 16%, monoethanolamine 12%, triethanolamine 4.2%, propylene glycol 11%, butanol 13%, sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate 7.5%, secondary alkyl sulfonate 3.7%, acetic acid 7%, water 15.6% mixed evenly, formulated as a remover. You can easily remove pen oil stains, etc., and can be cleaned without leaving traces. Make the washing of hotels and hotels easier and easier.

2. There are some more practical and simple configuration methods for removing stains, "Fai Ling Ling", which makes it easy to deal with the washing work of hotels. The method is to dilute 0.5 ml of 30% hydrogen peroxide with 4.5 ml of distilled water before adding 5 ml of 5% oxalic acid, 0.7 ml of concentrated hydrochloric acid, then diluted with 39.3 ml of alcohol, and put into a 50 ml dropper bottle to become "stained spirit". It can effectively remove blood stains, ink and other difficult to wash off with soap Colored stains. When using it, first moisten the stain with clean water, then add a few drops of "Xinse Ling", scrub with a brush, and then wash with clean water after the stain is removed. If you want to clean the colored stains such as ink on the flower cloth, you should be careful not to make this agent touch the pattern and make the pattern color. This agent is suitable for immediate use, not for storage, and concentrated hydrogen peroxide will burn the skin. Wear protective gloves when preparing to prevent the concentrated hydrogen peroxide from getting on the skin.

Although it is troublesome to clean the bed sheets of the hotel, it is still possible to clean the white sheets cleanly after mastering the cleaning skills. The above is about the introduction of hotel bed linen washing methods and hotel bed linen washing techniques. I hope it will be helpful to everyone. For the cleaning of hotel sheets, we must master the skills and pay attention to the steps and methods of cleaning.

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