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Washing linen main influence factor

- Jul 13, 2018 -

A. washing 4 elements B. washing 5 elements C.washing 5 elements

When we mention the influencing factors of washing, we will immediately think of the well-known "Four Elements Pie Chart" (see Figure 1, A Shown), that is, there are four main factors that affect the washing effect: detergent, temperature, mechanical force and time.

Although we know that water is the working medium, there is no emphasis on the effect of water quality on the final washing effect. In practice, users often find that even if water is only a medium (like the tetrachloroethylene of a dry cleaning machine), it is difficult to achieve the desired result with "hard water" with high calcium and magnesium ion content. The washing effect needs to be softened in advance to make it "soft water". Therefore, the above "four-element pie chart" should become "five-element pie chart" (see Figure 1,
(B shown), water is not only a washing medium, but also one of the important factors affecting the washing effect, which is often overlooked. The washing process, or washing procedure, is a tool for allocating and applying the above influencing factors to achieve the best washing effect
Body process. The interaction and restriction of the various washing elements can take different solutions for different treatment requirements of different fabrics, or they can complement each other in a "trade-off" way. Is the process scientific, or is the ratio and order of use Reasonable is also a key factor affecting the final washing effect. From this point of view, changing it to "six elements of washing" (see Figure 1, C) will be more complete and accurate.

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