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How much washing equipment needs to be configured in the laundry room

We know that the total amount of linen washing in each room is 6.25 kg. We assume that the occupancy rate is 80%, and the average room is changed every 2.5 days. Then the total daily linen washing in the hotel is: 300 (room) × 6.25 Kg × 80%/2.5 days = 600 kg.

Therefore, it can be determined that the total daily room linen cleaning in a 300-room hotel is 600 kilograms. So, for this cleaning volume, how much automatic elution machine can meet this cleaning production demand?

Generally, the single working cycle of hotel washing equipment is about 50 minutes, and if it is calculated to work 8 hours a day, it is 8 hours×60 minutes/50 minutes=9.6 times/day. In other words, the hotel's washing equipment can perform 9.6 laundry cycles per day. Then our hotel washing equipment must meet the cleaning volume requirement of 600 kg/9.6 times = 62.5 kg/time.

 So how big is the elution machine that can meet the washing capacity of 62.5 kg/time, the closest is the 100 kg automatic elution machine (maximum capacity 100 kg, optimal washing capacity 80 kg). In other words, for a hotel with 300 rooms, it is more appropriate to buy a 100 kg type elution machine.

But in the end, we need to remind that the above we converted is only the total cleaning of the linen in a room, so if your hotel has catering, sauna, or other places and provides guest laundry, then you need to change these Weight calculation of linen

We know how big a washing machine a 300-room hotel should buy, and then we want to know how big an elution machine a 100-, or 500-room hotel should buy, just convert it according to the above calculation method.

If you don't know much about the above, you can tell us your cleaning volume, we can build a good plan for you for free!

Hotel and hotel washing equipment can be divided into fixed type and suspended type, and can also be divided into 20, 30, 50, 70, 100, 150 kg and other types according to capacity. Different types of linen can be processed in a unit time The weight is also different, so the question will come, how big is the hotel and hotel washing equipment to buy?

Want to know how much hotel and hotel washing equipment you want to buy is enough, then we must first know your hotel's linen washing needs per hour. The hourly linen washing demand is your daily washing demand divided by the long working hours, so we need to first calculate the total daily linen washing. Generally speaking, when a hotel buys washing equipment for a hotel, it is nothing more than the washing treatment of linen in hotel rooms, restaurants, work uniforms and other places, so we only need to calculate the physiological calculation of the corresponding linen, and then add That's it.

How big is the hotel washing equipment to buy?

For room linen, we can calculate 6 kg per room, for restaurant linen, we can calculate 0.5 kg per table, for work uniforms we can calculate 0.75 kg per set. In this way, the calculation is relatively simple. If your hotel has 200 rooms and the occupancy rate is 70%, then 140 rooms of linen need to be washed every day, which is about 840 kilograms. Linen, for example, if there are 300 people in your hotel every day, the daily linen of the restaurant is 150 kg.

 After calculating the total amount of linen washing, we can calculate the amount of linen to be processed per hour by dividing by the length of daily work. If you need to process 800 kg of fabric per day, your laundry room will work 10 hours per day If you need to process 80 kg of linen in a single hour, then our 100 kg hotel and hotel washing equipment is more suitable for you (100 kg hotel and hotel washing equipment is better for washing 80 kg of linen at a time. The working cycle time is about 40-50 minutes).

 How big should I buy washing equipment for hotels? I believe that through the calculation of the above formula, you can know that you buy a large hotel and hotel washing equipment is enough. Here we need to remind that hotel and hotel washing equipment is different from household washing machines, and the price is more expensive and the service life is longer. , So we consider the follow-up business development in the accounting and try to buy bigger ones.

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