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SoftMount Washer Extractor

Product Item: XGQ
Category: Washer Extractors
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SoftMount Washer Extractor
Stainless steel top,front and panels
800 r/rpm
Product Manual:SoftMount Washer Extractor


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1.The machine is designed for 300 G-force high extract accepted by most laundry worldwide remove more
moisture than other low or medium spin machines after extract, reducing the time and energy for drying or
ironing while protecting the fabrics.

2.Large door opening for easy loading and unloading.

3.Large diameter basket with multiple ribs produces better mechanical wash action for optimum wash quality

with less detergent.

4.The robust long lasting structural proven by Finite Element Analysis is supported by 10 industrial strength

springs and multiple shock absorbers provide excellent suspension minimize the wasted time and energy due
to unbalance during daily operation.

5.Easy access to parts for routine maintenance.

6.Highly efficient, 3 inch drain valve for fast drainage.

XGQ-15 XGQ-20 XGQ-25
Rated Capacity 15 kg 20 kg 25 kg
Diameter ф 670 mm ф 670 mm ф800 mm
Depth 450 mm 525 mm 500 mm
Steam Consumption 10 kg/h 15 kg/h 20 kg/h
Electric Heating Power 8 kw 8 kw 12 kw
Motor power 1.5 kw 2.2 kw 3 kw
Motor horsepower 2 HP 3 HP 4 HP
Motor type 6 POLE 6 POLE 6 POLE
Inverter 1.5  kw 2.2 3.7
Weight 610 690 770
High Extract 900r/min 900r/min 900r/min
Way of Rotation TWO WAY ROTATION
Power Supply 220/380/415V/50/60HZ
304 Stainless Panel
Model/Size(mm) L W H
XGQ-15 980 1100 1500
XGQ-20 980 1100 1500
XGQ-25 1080 1150 1630