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Automatic Washer Extractor

Product Item: Automatic Industrial Washer Extractor
Category: Washer Extractors
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shock absorption rate up to 98% or more
Creative self-balancing control, no water distributing technology
microcomputer and drive integrated control.
Product Manual:Automatic Industrial Washer Extractor Model:XGQ-30F,XGQ-50F,XGQ-100F,XGQ-120F


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Main parts and Features

1.Internal bladder

Made by superior 304 stainless steel; Each internal bladder has been put under  dynamic balance test; Deviation of gravity center is less than 20 g.


Color touch and physical buttons, the operation is simple to understand, personally tailored the controller for MYPRO with advanced concept,

the vertical placement designing makes operation more convenient.

3.Main parts

Delixi or Schneider Electric, Korean LS or Guangzhou Pump special frequency converter, American TWB bearings, all seals using imported fluororubber seals.

4.High extract

High dehydration rate( the G value of dehydration exceeds 350) Moisture Rate of Linen 52% High speed rolling internal bladder improves the dehydration

rate of washing clothes, effectively reduces the time needed in drying, accelerates the speed of ironing and increases working efficiency in a bid to save costs.

XGQ-30F XGQ-50F XGQ-100F XGQ-120F
Rated Capacity 30 kg 50 kg 100 kg 120 kg
Diameter ф900 mm ф1068 mm ф1200 mm ф1300 mm
Depth 500 mm 580 mm 850 mm 880 mm
Steam inlet DN 25 DN 25 DN 25 DN 25
Hot water inlet DN 40 DN 40 DN 50 DN 50
Cold water inlet DN 40 DN 40 DN 50 DN 50
Steam Consumption 30 kg/h 40 kg/h 60 kg/h 80 kg/h
Water Consumption 750 L/h 1100 L/h 1600 L/h 2200 L/h
Electric Consumption 0.8 kwh 1.2 kwh 1.4 kwh 2.6 kwh
Motor Power 4 kw 5.5 kw 7.5 kw 11 kw
Inverter 5.5 kw 7.5 kw 11 kw 15 kw
Electric Heating 18 kw 36 kw 48 kw 64 kw
Current 47 A 94 A 126 A 168 A
Weight 1500 kg 2700 kg 3200 kg 3700 kg
High Extract 780rpm 730rpm 680rpm 660rpm
Way of Rotation TWO WAY ROTATION
Power Supply 380/415V/50/60HZ
Double drain
304 Stainless Panel
Model/ Size(mm) L W H
XGQ-30F 1500 1600 1750
XGQ-50F 1650 1800 1850
XGQ-100F 1800 2000 2000
XGQ-120F 1950 2150 2100