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Industrial Tumble Dryer

Product Item: High Efficiency Tumble Dryer
Category: Tumble Dryer
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Computer humidity auto control system
precise time and temperature setting
has several programming selection
Product Manual:Industrial Tumble Dryer


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Take a closer look at our tumble dryers

1.Short drying time, stable, easy operate, an ideal for hotels,hospitals,enterprises and central laundry factories.
2.Large capacity, reversing stainless steel drying cylinder improves drying quality and reduces wrinkling.
3.Multifunction display control for easy use and training.
4.Five preset programs for easy operation.
5.Large door opening allows easy loading and unloading.
6.Three type heating,Gas Heating,Electric heating and Steam heating.

HG-35 HG-50 HG-100
Rated Capacity 35 kg 50 kg 100 kg
Diameter ф 940 mm ф 1150 mm ф 1600 mm
Depth 1000 mm 890 mm 980 mm
Drum Speed 35 rpm 32 rpm 28 rpm
Air Exhausted 2200 m³ /h 3000 m³ /h 6300 m³ /h
Motor Power 0.75 kw 1.1 kw 2.2 kw
Fan Motor Power 0.75 kw 1.5 kw 1.5*2 kw
Steam Pressure 5-20 kpa 5-20 kpa 5-20 kpa
Gas Pressure 0.25-0.4 Mpa 0.25-0.4 Mpa 0.25-0.4 Mpa
Electric Current 84 A 105 A 157 A
Electric Heating 32 kw 40 kw 60 kw
Gas Consumption 3 m³ /h 4.5 m³ /h 6 m³ /h
Steam Consumption 30 kg/h 40 kg/h 90 kg/h
Weight 500 kg 640 kg 1500 kg
Way of Rotation TWO WAY ROTATION
Heating Electric/Steam/Gas
Power Supply 380/415V/50/60HZ
Powder coating
Stainless Panel
Model/Size(mm) L W H
HG-35 1100 1580 2000
HG-50 1320 1520 2200
HG-100 1780 1900 2450