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Towel Folder Machine

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1.For the folded towel automation equipment, rollaway variety of solutions based on customer needs;
2.Ultra-high folding rate, significantly improve labor productivity;

3.Fold speed up to 50 m / min, the maximum size of the ideal state towel folding 1300, labor productivity can be increased by 3 times

a variety of folding, to meet users' needs.

4.High stability, reduce maintenance costs.
5.The use of advanced concept design frame construction, making the machine sturdy and stable.
6.And the original device key components of international top brands, bearing NSK, to ensure stable performance.
7.Good man-machine interface, easy operation.
8.Will reflect a variety of operating information to the operator of the equipment, including linen size, shape and size folded, linen

stacking location.

9.Clever design, easy operation and routine maintenance.

Maximum folded width 1800*1200 mm
Minimum folded width 600*300 mm
number of folds 2+2
Folding pcs 1300 pcs/h
Power Supply 380V/50HZ
Total Power 2KW
Air consumption 0.4-0.6 Mpa
Total Weight 1200KG
Model/Size(mm) L W H
TF-28 4500 2150 1350