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Linen Folder Machine

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1.Standard 2 primary folds and 3 cross folds meet most laundry needs worldwide. Primary fold and first cross fold by air-jet,

second and third cross fold by blade for long lasting reliable folding while give maximum protection to fabrics.

2.Speed synchronization between ironer and folder thru communication between inverters automatically adjust the speed of

folder when the speed of ironer changes, ensure the flatwork coming out from ironer is feeding smoothly to the folder.

3.Easy access 6 programs for 1 lane folding, 4 programs for 2 lanes folding, 4 programs for 4 lanes folding , Simple parameter

setting to fine tune the folding midpoints and blowing time for perfect folding.Special interface to check input and output signals

for easy maintenance and trouble shooting. Automatic reject the flatwork if the primary is not folded properly to eliminate jam-ups

in cross fold area. The folder can be connected to most ironers in the market.

Number of Lane 1 to 4
Lateral Fold and Cross Fold 2 + 3
Maximum Size 3300mm x 3000mm
Minimum Size 600mm x 300mm
Maximum Speed 50m/min
Folder Motor 1.5 + 0.75 + 0.55kw
Output Direction Left or Right a choice
Staker Machine
Net weight 1750
Model/Size(mm) L W H
GD-3300 4420 2800 1800