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Sheet Feeder Machine

Product Item: Sheet Feeder Machine
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improving 30%~50% efficiency than fully manual feeding
High efficient fan motor and optimized air channel provide strong airflow to ensure the smooth
Perforated conveyor belt improves the adsorption force of the cloth on the conveyor belt
makes the cloth more evenly adsorbed on the conveyor belt
Product Manual:Sheet Feeder Machine


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1.Put it on the front of the ironing machine to improve safety to prevent work injuries, reduce operating costs and increase profits.

Reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce the number of artificial workers by one line, and reduce the cost of manual operation.

2.high-speed automatic feeding, save time, improve work efficiency, increase production more than 50%. Reduce the cost of manual

operation of steam and electricity and increase profits.Preemptively remove part of the water, improve work efficiency, reduce energy

consumption and wages, and increase profits.

3.Simultaneous suction and air feeding, and tightly sucking the quilt cover to prevent the sheets or quilt from being sucked into the

bottom and being unable to feed, regardless of 100% successful delivery of the quilt cover.

4.automatic shake leveling, the industry's only positive and negative brush automatically brushed on both sides, the only on the sheets,

quilt cover, pillowcase can be flat feed (completely solve the other feeding machine hair brush can only send sheet is still uneven),

efficiency And the effect is better than any spreader (the machine is single-sided brushing), improve the ironing quality of the sheets,

duvet cover, pillowcase, enhance the image, improve the competitiveness, improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness,

and more easily increase business profits.

5.When the design requirements are met, the single-line treatment hotel linens will reach 1,000 per hour.

SJ-3000 SJ-3300
Maximum feed width 3000 3300
Minmum feed width 1800 1800
Feeding speed 50m/min 50m/min
Fan power 5.71 kw 5.71 kw
Motor Power 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
Net weight 1120 kg 1140 kg
Model/Size(mm) L W H
SJ-3000 4450 1200 1550
SJ-3300 4450 1200 1550